Diana Giese with some of the books,
magazines, newspapers and reports she has produced and promoted. On this Website you can read extracts,  reviews and authors’ comments, listen to oral history, scan articles and link to other sites for more information.

Books are not mere objects, words on paper or in online files, to be bought and sold in a shop.

Books are collaborations. In face-to-face projects with creative people, I've written and edited books and Web material. I've organised, presented and recorded history and community projects. There have been many collaborations with publishers, museums, companies, and institutions, throughout Australia and internationally. These talented colleagues include Macmillan, Oxford University Press, the Museum of Sydney and the National Library of Australia.

Reading is another collaboration. On AbeBooks, Katie Yakovleva gives seven reasons to love reading books:

  • Reading dares you to grow
  • Reading lets you experience multiple realities
  • Reading challenges your perspective
  • Reading helps you remember
  • Reading helps you forget
  • Reading means you don't have to be alone
  • Reading brings life      

Find some of my book collaborations by clicking on titles and authors to the right of this page. Others can be found by clicking Book collaborations, life stories; Community StoriesBooks written and other Menu headings on this site. 

See the new page, Into World Books, highlighting work from different cultural backgrounds, for African Books in The Australian and Pandanus Books 2001-2006: Asia and the Pacific. 

Read some of Diana's scripts and articles

'Why publish books when it's possible to make a fat living in any number of other serious industries?...'

Click here  to read Small publishers: Serpent’s Tail and Fourth Estate, broadcast on Books and Writing, ABC Radio National, 1988

See also Galvanising ForcesNational Library of Australia News X (6), March 2000

'...Fiji Indian scholar Satendra Nandan asserted that to read a line or a page is to enter into an imaginative migration and, citing Grass, Naipaul, Kundera and Rushdie, that the migrant can be seen as the central defining figure of the twentieth century...'

Click here  to read The Self, the Place and the Others, broadcast on Books and Writing, ABC Radio National, 1989

See also Finding one's voice in a new landThe Weekend Australian, 17-18 August 1991, an interview with Yasmine Gooneratne

‘Everyone should be aware that oral history can be risky. If it offers a capacious space in which people can tell their stories, such terrain may be booby-trapped or mined. Emotions may spring to attack at any moment. People have cried on my tapes. I have been told long stories of violence and disgrace. Bottled-up resentments and frustrations have spilled out…How much emotional turmoil should an interviewer allow before turning off the tape recorder? Quite a lot…Oral history must learn to grapple with what might seem unspeakable, with memories of war or famine…’

Click here and scroll down first column to read Editing lives, Voices 6 (1), Autumn 1996, quarterly journal of the National Library of Australia

Read extracts


Jackie Egger’s Dining on Crumbs

Paul bird- The secret of the stones  

The Secret of the Stones

Paul Bird, CreateSpace, 2013


Stories on the Walls

Sunny Haslinger


Featured books


'Gelignite' Jack Murray 

Phil Murray
New Holland, 2017 

reprinted January 2022, with new cover

The Snow in Kuala Lumpur

Daryl Lim, Penguin Random House SEA 2023


Accidentally Istanbul

Nancy Knudsen 
Tamejin Publishing, 2016


The Judge's Cat

Jane Allen 
Halkett Books, 2015



Joan Philips 
Sydney Jewish Museum, 2014

Once, Only the swallows were free  

Once, Only the Swallows Were Free

Gabrielle Gouch Hybrid Publishers, 2013


The Virgin's Girdle

Giulia Lessanutti 
Journey through art, 2012

Starting with Max  

Starting With Max

Ying Ying, Allen & Unwin 2013


After Love

Subhash Jaireth,Transit Lounge, 2012


Letter from my Father

Dasia Black
Brandl & Schlesinger, 2012


Home without a homeland

Nora Huppert 
Sydney Jewish Museum, 2012


Shooting Stars and Flying Fish

Nancy Knudsen
Allen & Unwin, 2011

My Animated Life  

My Animated Life

Yoram Gross
Brandl & Schlesinger, 2011


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