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I wish formally to register my praise for the editorial work of Ms Diana Giese...I have worked with many editors: she is the best of my experience. Her attention to detail was phenomenal; her constructive comments on format, text and contents have produced an improved book; and her approach to the editing was of very high quality.

Professor Dean Jaensch, The Politics of Australia, Macmillan, 1992


Australian Politics: Realities in Conflict

Hugh V. Emy and Owen E. Hughes

Macmillan Education, 1988, 1991


Engineering & Society: An Australian Perspective

Stephen Johnston, Paul Gostelow, Evan Jones and Robyn Fourikis

Harper Educational, 1995


A New Introduction to Sociology

Mike O'Donnell

Harrap, 1981


The Politics of Australia

Dean Jaensch

Macmillan Education, 1992


The Speaking Land: myth and story in Aboriginal Australia

Ronald M. Berndt and Catherine H. Berndt

Penguin, 1989


 Ethnic Minorities in British Schools

Sally Tomlinson

Policy Studies Institute, 1983




Information Management: People, Organisations and Technology

   James Saville and Timothy Sowerbutts

 Macmillan, 1990


American Government

J.S. Sutton

Harrap, 1980


Social Anthropology and Development Policy

edited by Ralph Grillo and Alan Rew

Tavistock, 1985

What's New? 

Diana Giese  

Evans Brothers, 1975



Making a Living

Diana Giese


1977, 1979, 1984


Making a Living

Diana Giese

Evans Brothers 1977, 1979


What's New? 

Diana Giese 

Evans Brothers, 1975, 1979

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