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Pandanus Books 2001-2006

Asia and the Pacific

What they say about Pandanus Books

Samurai in the Surf

by Joe Hajdu    Winner of the NSW Premier's Regional History Prize

'Gold Coast and the power of the yen'

'Joe Hajdu, author of Samurai in the Surf, a history of Japanese investment on the Gold Coast,  believes the nature of Japanese investment fundamentally changed the region south of Brisbane.

 ''Having the Japanese there on the coast gave them an overseas investment base for the first time,'' he said. ''They expected the best; they were au fait  with places like Hawaii and California, and they expected the same on the Gold Coast...There were older people...who felt that what the Japanese didn't get with tanks and guns during the War, they were getting now with cheque books.'''

The Australian, 3 March 2005


Journeys in a Small Canoe

by Lloyd Maepeza Gina, edited by Judith A. Bennett and Khyla J. Russell

'Lloyd Maepeza Gina was selected the first speaker of the National Parliament in 1978, the year the Solomon Islands gained  political independence from Britain... the large body of knowledge exhibited by the author...narrated with depth, clarity and originality—is something the serious and cross-cultural-minded reader will not want to miss...for readers looking for an autobiograph y free of supercilious and pompous jargon, one instead narrated from the heart with humility and simplicity, this one qualifies with high marks. '

Journal of the Polynesian Society 114 (1) March 2005         


Speight of Violence

Inside Fiji's 2000 Coup

by Michael Field, Tupeni Baba and Unaisi Nabobo-Baba 

'Fiji illustrates the South Pacific's "hell in paradise" theme vividly with its two coups in 1987 (led by Sitiveni Rabuka) and the even worse misfortunes of the Chaudhry Government in May 2000 at the han ds of the notorious George Speight. This book seeks to shed light on the violent overthrow of Fiji's elected government by Speight and his gang of armed thugs. It does so by offering three "voices", each narrating the events from an individual perspective... The central aim of the book is to ask whether Speight was acting of his own accord or as a front for more sinister forces in Fijian society...Speight of Violence  is a wake-up call to the international community. The South Pacific is rapidly becoming a new "heart of darkness".'

Australian Book ReviewOctober 2005


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What they say about Pandanus Books


Day of Reckoning

by Lachlan Strahan 

shortlisted for the NSW Premier's History Award

 'Lachlan Strahan...has written a revealing book about a court case that began with some Chinese labourers beating up a Melanesian on an American military base on Manus Island in 1948. The case eventually wound up in the High Court of Australia in a jurisdictional battle involving Australia, China and the United States... Day of Reckoning examines how Australia tried to re-establish its authority and the rule of law in PNG after the end of World War II.'

Sean Dorney, interviewing the author on Radio Australia, 27 February 2006


'At the end of World War II, the Americans had millions of dollars of army surplus equipment lying around the Pacific . They sold $800 million of equipment on Manus Island, which had recently returned to Australian administration, to the Chinese Nationalists. T ension between Australian administrators, the Chinese contractors and Manus people exploded when four Chinese beat and tortured a 15-year-old Islander. It became a major inte rnational issue of jurisdiction...meticulously researched...a fascinating insight into racism, international politics and the Australian administration of Papua New Guinea immediately after World War  II.'

Bruce ElderThe Sydney Morning Herald, 30 December 2005


'The cases take place in four places: Lae, Kaiapit, Manus and Morotai...The book is not so much about these crimes as about the wider circumstances of post-War Asia-Pacific international relatio ns...Lachlan Strahan...teases out the nuances and implications of these cases, while giving what can only be called "thick description" of the events. The court material has enabled an incredibly detailed text to emerge, in which every minute twist and turn is followed  in an almost forensic way...like a good detective story, it is worth persevering until the end where many emerging themes are tied together, and there is a quite fascinating update on the histories of  the various officials involved...a strength of the book is the international and diplomatic perspective that links through to a nervous Australia making sure that its sovereignty is upheld in New Guinea, against the bullying of the American Allies , within a context of emerging relations with China, the Philippines and Indonesia...Lachlan Strahan has managed to get under the colonial skin of the 1940s and provide us with a broad, but often quite indirect, analysis of both international politics, diplomacy and human behaviour, as well as providing a close vie w of legal processes, which emerge reassuringly strong.'

Clive Moore, History Australia 3 (1), 2006


'Dr Strahan has written a voluminous account of administrative negotiations from local to Embassy level, court room conflicts and cross-cultural clashes in a place and period rarely examined...fifty-eight years after [these events] readers will observe that the country was then being run by a handful of overworked staff who certainly didn't need problems with international ramifications. Yet within ten years a  functioning Public Service had been created of which most members could be modestly proud.'

J.B. Toner, Una Voce, March 2006



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Pandanus Books

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Dance of the Nomad: A Study of the Selected Notebooks of A.D. Hopby Ann McCulloch


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Remnants by Nigel Featherstone


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Speight of Violence by Michael Field, Tupeni Baba and Unaisi Nabobo-Baba

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Suburban Anatomy by Penelope Layland


Shortlisted for the Kenneth Slessor Prize,

NSW Premier's Literary Awards


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[plus 2005 coverage]



Day of Reckoning by Lachlan Strahan


Shortlisted for the NSW Premier's History Award


Interview, Phil Kafcaloudes, Radio Australia, 1 December 2005


Interview, Sean Dorney, Radio Australia, 27 February


Review, The Age, January 


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Kanaky by Jean-Marie Tjibaou


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A Trial Separation: Australia and the Decolonisation of Papua New Guinea

by Donald Denoon

Shortlisted for The Age Book of the Year


Review, Australian Book Review, March 2006


Interview, Peter Mares, The National Interest, ABC Radio National, 15 October

[plus 2005 coverage] 



Remembering Papua New Guinea: An Eccentric Ethnography

by William C. Clarke


Review, The Contemporary Pacific 18 (1) 2006 [plus earlier coverage]



Art and Social Change: Contemporary Art in Asia and the Pacific

edited by Caroline Turner


Review, Journal of the Polynesian Society  2005 [plus 2005 coverage]



Peeling Apples by Tessa Morris-Suzuki


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Windchimes: Australian  Accounts of Asia in Poetry

edited by Noel Rowe and Vivian Smith


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The Changing South Pacific 

edited by Serge Tcherkezoff and Francoise Do uaire-Marsaudon


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The Tread of a White Man's Foot 

by Jane Landman

Asia-Pacific Focus, ABC TV


Political Parties in the Pacific Islands

edited by Roland Rich with Luke Hambly and Michael Morgan


Keith Suter Comments, Radio 2GB and Wesley Mission Website



Bougainville before the conflict

edited by Anthony J. Regan and Helga M. Griffin


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Too Much, Too Soon

by Stephanie Green


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by John Thompson


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The Voice of the Thunderer: Journalism of H.G. Kippax

selected and introduced by Harry Heseltine


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by Brij V. Lal


Discussion, Radio 2GB, 6 November



My Dearest Brown Eyes

edited by Nancy Lutton


Article, Gold Coast Bulletin, 3 November


Discussion, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Channel 9  television.          Back to top

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